Book Report on The Chosen

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The Chosen

The Chosen

A. Plot Summary

The Chosen by Chaim Potok is set in the 1940's neighborhood of Brooklyn in Williamsburg.
Two boys who live a few blocks from each other but in totally different environments forge
a unique relationship. Reuven Malter, the son of an Orthodox Jewish scholar, and Danny
Saunders, the brilliant son of a great Hasidic rabbi, meet for the first time in a
baseball game between their two Jewish parochial schools.

Reuven is hit in the eye with a ball hit by Danny and is kept in bed for almost a month.
During this time, Reuven befriends Danny as he constantly visits him due to his guilt
about almost blinding Reuven. Danny comes to the hospital to chat with Reuven and
occasionally talk about the war or his study of the Talmud. When Reuven gets out of the
hospital, Danny brings him to his home for Shabbat and to meet his father. Reuven is
overwhelmed by his father's calm and stern manner of speaking to his son. Reuven finds out
that Danny must become a rabbi and cannot become a psychologist like he wants.

Reuven and Danny grow older and they get into the same college. Due to Reuven's father
support for the creation of a Jewish state, Danny's father, who thinks a Jewish state can
only be created when the Messiah comes, forbids Danny to speak to Reuven. This goes on for
a while before Danny's father accepts that a Jewish states is in the best interest of Jews
everywhere and allows them to be friends again.

In an emotional lecture, Danny's father finally acknowledges Danny's dream and allows him
to pursue a career of being a psychologist.

B. Thematic Discussion

In The Chosen, Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders form a deep, if unlikely, friendship. This
relationship develops over time and also greatly affects the young men's development. They
grow up in different environments and have different upbringings, but deep down inside,
they have similar lives.

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