The Cradle Essay

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The Cradle

My book is called The Cradle by Arthur C. Clarke. The setting of this book takes place in
sunny West Keys in Florida. The main characters in this book are Carol Dawson who is a
Miami photojournalist. She takes pictures and writes stories about the pictures and sells
them to the local news and newspaper. Nick Williams is a woman-hating Ivy League drop out
who captains a boat for his own scuba diving company. Troy Jefferson is Nick's trusty
crewman who aids Nick in the epic story. This also is Non-Fiction.

To begin the book Carol travels to the West Keys to cover a whale beaching. She meets Nick
and Troy who take her out further into the sea to cover the whale beaching. Carol and Nick
decide to dive where some dolphins are swimming. Everything goes good until they stumble
upon a golden trident. Little did they know what it was and what power it possessed and
what trouble came with it? They have several encounters with mobsters who thought it was a
buried treasure, and the Navy who recently lost a new test missile around the area Nick
and Carol found the golden trident. Nick, Carol, and Troy return to the spot where they
found the golden troublemaker too look for any other secrets. Unfortunately they are
caught in space ship which has settled there. Confused, Nick and Carol wonder around the
unknown in search of answers. They found more than they bargained for. They found the
secrets of the world, but worse of all; they found the fate of man kind and everything
around it.

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