The Dark Side Of Hannibal Lectar Essay

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The Dark Side Of Hannibal Lectar


In Thomas Harris' Hannibal, Harris, like many other authors, seems to be obsessed with the
darker side of humanity and it is through his characterisation of "Hannibal the Cannibal"
in his novel that he revels the other side of humanity, the side that most people would
rather stayed locked up. Hannibal however would not stay locked up. In the previous novel
"Silence of the Lambs" Hannibal escaped during a transfer from his cell in Baltimore to an
institution Memphis. He lived a quiet and secluded live after escaping, he'd been careful,
and had never been tracked. He had been careless when he sent a letter to Clarice. During
a drugs raid Clarice shot drug baron Evelda Drumgo after she shot an officer. Evelda was
holding a baby and the media did not publicize well the shooting of a woman clutching a
baby. It was this that alerted Hannibal to Clarice's misfortunes and lead him to sending
the letter that would revel his location and eventually lead to his capture. His capture
was not by authorities but by Mason Verger, Hannibal's only surviving victim who now needs
a respirator to live and can very rarity leave his chamber. Mason did not have him
captured to hand over the authorities but to have his face eaten by pigs like mason had
his face eaten off by dogs. Before Mason had a chance to have Hannibal's face eaten off
Clarice Starling breaks into the barn, proceeds to rescue Hannibal but unfortunately
before she can rescue him she is shot in the back with a tranquilizer several times and
Hannibal has to rescue her. Hannibal takes her back to his home to recover and by the time
she is recovered her and Hannibal get along well and she ends up living with him in a
mansion in Italy but not after Hannibal and Clarice make a dinner of Mr. Krendler, a man
who tried to halt Clarice's career at every opportunity. . It is on how the writer revels
the darker side of Hannibal that I would like to concentrate this essay.

The writer, Thomas Harris, uses many techniques to help revel and explain the dark side of
Hannibal although he does enlighten us to the lighter side and his life before he was
uncovered as a homicidal psychopath. In a letter sent to Clarice from Hannibal after the
shooting insolent Hannibal explains that he has followed her public humiliation closely
and describes how similar they are, but not in as few words.

Dear Clarice
I have followed with enthusiasm the course of your disgrace and public shaming. My own
never bothered me, except for the inconvenience of being incarcerated, but you may lack

As well as showing his obsession with Clarice it shows that he believes they are similar
than she may want to believe by comparing his crimes to her, what is essentially self
Defense, shooting of Evelda Drumgo. He also shows no remorse for his crimes, he saw
imprisonment as an inconvenience rather than punishment. In this same letter he also
offers some comfort to Clarice, by blaming her entrance into the FBI on her fathers
ambitions for her and questions why she is even there.

Your father, Clarice, was a night watchman. Your mother was a chambermaid.
Was your big federal career their hope or yours? How much would your father bend to get
along in a stale bureaucracy? How many buttocks would he kiss? Did you ever see your life
see him toady or flown?

Have your supervisors demonstrated any values, Clarice? How about your parents did they
demonstrate any values? If so, are those values the same?

As well as questioning her, her parents, and her values and whether her career is her
dream he also asks her if she has lived up to there expectations. A question she cannot

Later on in the book, in section II, the setting moves to Florence where Hannibal now
lives. Hannibal takes a job as the curator the Uffizi art gallery after the former curator
dispersed. He assumes the name of Dr.Fell and fits in well with the art community due to
his excellent Italian and strong interest in art and other fine things live wine and
truffles. These expensive habits would eventually give him away especially since he would
never do without them. "Atrosious Torture Instruments" the title of an exposition that
"Dr.Fell" frequently visits. It is not so much the exhibits that interest him, it's more
the air of evilness that has been artificially created for 6 months that attracts him.

The exposition of Atrosious Torture Instruments could not fail to appeal to a connoisseur
of the worst in man kind. But the essence of the worst, the true asafetida of the human
spirit, is not found in the iron maiden or the whetted edge;× Elemental Ugliness is found
in the faces of the crowd.

This quote shows that Hannibal is worse than the worst on humankind, most visitors look
round the exhibits and leave, Hannibal stays still and takes in the evilness of the expo.

In chapter twenty-one the person changes. It changes from the third person to the first as
"we" take a trip into Hannibal's apartment. This chapter gives us an insight into the
every day life of Hannibal.

He plays with his eyes closed. No need for sheet music. Before him on the lyre
shaped-music of the clavier is a copy of the trash tabloid the National Tattler. It is
folded to show only the face on the front page, the face of Clarice Starling

Although this does not show his dark side, it does show that even when he is playing the
Clavier he is thinking of Clarice.

Pazzi a police officer who had been disgraced after a false arrest of a man he thought was
a murderer. While he was visiting Atrosious Torture Instruments he saw Dr.Fell standing
beneath two torture cages and on his way out he saw a poster offering a reward for the
capture of Hannibal and showed a photo of him. They were not identical but Pazzi realized
that must have had collagen implants. Pazzi called the number only because if he handed
Hannibal to the authorities he would not be eligible for the reward. After careful
consideration he decided to take the bounty on Hannibal's head. But first he would need
proof that it was Hannibal and then a way to capture him.

He used the fact that Hannibal was violent when provoked and used the services of a
skilled pickpocket currently in prison. His plan was to have her wear a large silver
bracelet and botch up a pickpocket attempt so that he would grab her wrist and get hid
fingerprints. Pazzi got his fingerprints but only after three attempts and one of Masons
men being killed. He then sent the bracelet to Mason where he verified that it belonged to
Hannibal. Next Pazzi had to catch him, his plan was to stay behind after a talk given by
Dr. Fell with the pretense to help him clear up and then to smother him with ether.
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