The Darker Side of Tanning Essay

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The Darker Side of Tanning

These days, tanning is taken very lightly. It is portrayed as a beauty enhancement. No one
ever states the dangerous side affects. The tanning industry has grown immensely in the
last decade. Right along with the growing industry the rate of skin cancer is also
increasing. Young teenage are tanning more and more everyday and they are never truly told
the future side affects that they might encounter. Let me give you a little idea of what
consequences you might face later on in the future if you should decide to tan in a
tanning bed. I'll call this..............

If you are one of the millions of Americans that wishes for a year-round tan, you might
choose to climb into a tanning bed where you are surrounded by UV light from above and
below your body.

Many older models of tanning beds use short-wave ultraviolet rays (UVB), while the newer
models use the long-wave rays (UVA) proven to be less harmful than UVB, according to the
Federal Trade Commission.
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