The Death Of The Virgin Essay

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The Death Of The Virgin

Death of the Virgin

Michelangelo Merisi was born in Caravaggio, Italy in 1573. He grew up to be known by the
name of his birthplace, Caravaggio, and as an artist. He was probably the most
revolutionary artist of his time, breaking the rules of previous artists. Carvaggio had
spent his childhood in the presence of art, living with a painter for four years before
moving to Rome to work as an assistant to other painters. In about 1595, he began to sell
his paintings through a dealer, who brought him to the attention of the Cardinal.

At the age of 24, he was called upon by the Cardinal Francesco del Monte to paint for a
church. He was criticized a lot for the realistic and dramatic nature of his works.
Despite the criticism, he was a recognized, and eventually envied painter. While in Rome,
he was imprisoned for several assaults. He fled the city and eventually ended up in Naples
in about 1607. Here, he painted for a while. During this period, his paintings were dark
and urgent, reflecting his feelings at the time. He left and continued to stay undercover
for two more years before being arrested and dying not long thereafter. During this
period, however, his paintings were among the best of his career. Caravaggio's Death of
the Virgin was painted in 1605-1606, in France, probably on his run to Naples.

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