The Feminine Mystique and the Organization Man Essay

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The Feminine Mystique and the Organization Man

For many years society has embraced the idea that the difference between men and women
were biologically determined. Others see not only the physical but also the social,
emotional and intellectual differences between males and females. Though through
traditions, media, and press, we act accordingly to how others view us. Each individual
has pressure placed upon them based on their genders. Our sex is determined by genetics
while our gender is programmed by social customs. Gender roles by definition are the
social norms that dictate what is socially appropriate male and female behavior. Some
theories interpret that a woman is tender and a loving mother, while on the other hand men
are aggressive and are the dominant one of the family. An individual gender role is
modeled through socialization. Individuals learn the ways, traditions, norms, and rules of
getting along with others. A person's environment has a big influence on the roles deemed
expectable for men and women.

The fact that gender roles exist is indisputable. Gender roles influence men and women in
virtually every area of life. Early into childhood girls and boys are treated differently
in families, schools, and other institutions. Most children are raised with the belief
that girls are pretty in pink and boys are rough in blue. As infants grow older, their
parents' ideas about gender stereotypes continue to influence how their children are
treated. Mothers and fathers tend to look at their baby girls as more fragile than their
boys. Girls are encouraged to play with dolls, while boys are taught to play with trucks
and army toys. This can be seen at just about any playground, schoolroom, or home in
America. Commercials on TV show these same characteristics everyday. When a commercial for
a Barbie doll comes on, you don't see a boy playing with it. In fact you don't see a boy
in the commercial at all. Just the opposite is true for boys' toys. Girls aren't seen in
their commercials either. There is TV shows that work the same way. When I was a kid, I
watched cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and my sister watched ones like Care
Bears. Each show was obviously made and watched predominately by one gender. Girls don't
watch Ninja Turtles and boys don't watch Care Bears. In present time, there is a whole
channel devoted just to women. Women's Entertainment Television is the newest arrival on
the scene. Yet there is no men's entertainment channel. Women are "told" to watch this
station. If there were a channel made just for women, what excuse would they have for not
watching it?

Socialization is the process by which all people learn what is expected of them through
their interactions with others. For example, the household chores that are assigned by
ones parents are one way to shape a child's gender role for the future. In many
households, boys do the taking out of the trash, mowing the grass, shoveling the snow, and
all other duties that are seen as manly. While girls clean the house, do the dishes, cook,
baby-sit, and all other stereotypically women things. In many cultures women are taught to
depend on others for protection from bodily harm. Women are not taught to defend
themselves from strangers because fathers and husbands can do it for them. Traditional
gender roles for women are nurturing, dependence, and emotional expressiveness, not
physical strength or toughness. Emotionally this is impacting on the woman because she has
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