The Fourth Strike Essay

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The Fourth Strike

The Fourth Strike

In Joe Rodriguez's article "Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix," Rodriguez states that the new
proposed legislation introduced by Senator Dede Alpert will make it "extremely difficult
to close down retailers who consistently sell booze to minors." I completely agree with
Rodriguez's point of view because it will make it easier for retailers to continue
illegally selling their products to minors by allowing a "fourth strike."

In California, the law allows the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to take
any retailers license after "three strikes" of selling alcohol to minors in three years.
The new proposed law would allow one of the strikes to be taken away if the retailers
train their employees to "check IDs and install electronic scanners" to read IDs and spot
fakes. I feel that this new proposed law is too forgiving since it gives this unofficial
"fourth strike" for retailers to continue selling alcohol to minors. According to
testimony given to the California Council, Alpert claimed this bill was a "prevention
bill, however, I feel this is not even close to a prevention bill at all, but an
undermining of local prevention efforts to alcohol enforcement groups.

One of the enforcement groups that will be undermined by the new bill would be the
Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. Prior to the proposed law, the ABC's system
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