The Future of Medical Science Is Now Essay

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The Future of Medical Science Is Now

The advances in modern medical science in the near future are dependent upon the advances
of methods and procedures that by today's standards are considered to be taboo and
dangerous. These methods will not only revolutionize the field of medicine but they will
be the forerunners to a whole knew way to treat people. For these advances to take place
several key steps need to be taken both medically and politically. In this paper I will
attempt to explain what methods and procedures will be the future of modern medicine, how
these methods and procedures can benefit mankind, and finally what changes will be needed
in the fields of medicine and politics.

First, I'll attempt to explain which methods and procedures will be the future of modern
medicine. The procedures that will be the future of modern medicine currently fall into
the realms of taboo and fictional. These procedures encompass every aspect of medical
science from exploration of the human body, curing of diseases, to improving a person's
quality of life. Many of these procedures are not very well known while a few have been in
the spotlight. These procedures are; cloning, nano-robotics, retro-viruses, and genetic
manipulation via gene-specific medications. For any serious breakthroughs in modern
medical science we must embrace these new forms of treatment instead of shying away from

Second, I'll attempt to explain how these methods and procedures could benefit mankind.
These procedures hold infinite possibilities in the practice healing the sick. Of all of
the procedures mentioned cloning is the only method that has been given any amount of
serious research. Cloning could do away with the need for organ transplants. Instead of a
transplant a new organ could be cloned, thus removing any chance that the body might
reject the organs. Nano-robotics could be used to fight off foreign infections and repair
internal wounds. Retro-viruses and gene-specific medications could be used to alter a
person's genetic code, ridding a person of inherited maladies such as heart disease or
diabetes. With the introduction of some, if not all, of these different methods of
treating ailments we could effectively wipe out a large amount of diseases that would
otherwise be untreatable. Senior citizens would no longer have to suffer from maladies
such as Alzheimer's or other such illnesses related with age. With these procedures a
child can grow up never having to suffer from a learning disorder such as ADHD (Attention
Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder) or even cases of mental retardation by eliminating or
modifying the genes that are responsible for these and other problems.

Finally, I'll explain what changes will be needed in the fields of medicine and politics
so that these procedures can be used to their utmost potential. The first thing that needs
to be changed is the world's take on cloning. The cloning of individual organs does not
require the cloning of an entire human body. Instead of banning cloning as a whole the ban
should be placed on the cloning of a full human being. Concessions should also be made in
the fields of medicine concerning the alteration of human genetic code. As we come closer
to unlocking the full potential of the human Genome we will only be able to progress as
far as our superstitious nature will allow us. By promoting the research of methods of
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