The Get All Intelligence System Essay

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The Get All Intelligence System

6 August 2001
The Get All Intelligence System
The Get All Intelligence System is a unique multi-dimensional online database. It is an
analytical tool for gathering, managing, distributing and analyzing data to improve
strategic and tactical decision making. With this system each cell within a branch office
can work fully autonomous or executing multiple simultaneous courses of action. Your
company will now be able to benefit from corporate data by transforming it into
information crucial to your executives decision-making process.

The Get all database has numerous advantages over other systems; it has a quick,
efficient, cost-effective, rapid response due to the direct down link connectivity. This
3-D system is used to support over 15,000 users worldwide. The Get All Intelligence System
will be a NT based program and able to be crossed to Unix based systems if needed.

The Get All Intelligence System is dynamic and easy enough to handle the end user requests
by allowing the transformation and reconfiguration of intelligence to fit everyone's
unique needs. This program is so flexible that it includes the ability to add as many
columns that is needed. Information from The Get All Intelligence System is supplied to
employees based on their own research requests. Depending the results of your request, it
might offer a proposition to alternate the courses of action to its operators. This will
reduce unnecessary information and wasted time especially when time constraints are
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