The Good Death - Essay

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The Good Death -

Terrorism is a highly effective tool in getting worldly attention but if we increase the
punishments we can then decrease the amount of terrorism. In order to stop terrorism we
need to understand what terrorism is. 'Terrorism is the unlawful use or threat of violence
against persons or property to further political or social objectives (The Vice
President's Task Force on Combating Terrorism, pg. 17).'; Terrorist can use many different
approaches. Sometimes they give warnings and sometimes they don't. The best ways to solve
terrorism is by understanding the reasons behind it, ending publicity for it, and
increasing securitiy measures for it.

Terrorism is used to change a groups political or social objectives. 'It is generally
intended to intimidate or coerce a governments, individuals or groups to modify their
behavior or policies (The Vice President's Task Force on Combating Terrorism, pg. 17).';
Violence is its main ley in obtaining this change. Terrorist aim at the entire population.
Which increases their chance of change. There id do much terrorism due to its unnecessary
success. Terrorism has become out of hand. 'Terrorism has become the accepted model for
the modern use of force, with terrorists them selves often enjoying more moral credibility
than the democratic stated they are trying to bring down (McGurn, William, pg.91).'; By
allowing the terrorist to become more popular than their government it creates a even more
hectic situation. This needs to change or the terrorists acts will only increase.

Terrorism is a strategy used because it has no rules. This makes it vary useful due to it
having no restrictions at all. 'Whereas nuclear weapons are means that can be shaped
according to human will and strategies, terrorism rejects the foundation of all Western
ethics: the conviction that even the noble cause has limits (McGurn, William, pg.94).';
Since there is no rules there is no limit to how far a terrorist can take his act. To
contradict them having no rules we need to put up limits on what we allow them to do. If
they want to protest against something or some government the best way to actually get
results is by non-violent acts.

Terrorism right now has a lesser punishment that that of the same criminal act. It seems
that just because they have a reason they can put others at risk. If your a terrorist you
have a little respect because you are standing up for what you believe in. But their is a
right and wrong way of achieving this. Just because you do have a reason for the terrorist
act does not make it right to do that act. To cure this we need to have terrorist acts and
criminal acts with the same punishment.

To put an end to the confusion between what is and is not a terrorist act, the laws need
to be rewritten. 'With out the linkage to a specific group determined to force political
change, an explosion, by definition is not a terrorist act (Wall, James, pg. 771). When it
does become a terrorist attack that is when we need to step in a show the terrorist that
we are not going to put up with it anymore. The law on terrorism right now is not working.
So obviously we need to change the law until it starts working the way we need it to work.
We also need to understand that just by changing the law does not mean that we are
finished in are fight against terrorism. It only means that we need to stick to that law
and not let a single incident go by without punishment.

Most terrorists grow up learning that in fact terrorism is the right thing to do.
'Terrorist traditions are impressed upon young community members in many parts of the
world(Connor, Michael, pg. 19).'; Terrorism is the only way they are taught to deal with
their problems. 'The training of a terrorist effectively begins with his introduction to
the cause he will work for, and this may conceivable occur during childhood (Connor,
Michael, pg. 19).'; Since these terrorists are taught at such an early age that they do
not know what they are doing is wrong. If we can teach the children other ways to deal
with their problems their will be less terrorists act to come in the future.

Some bombers grow up and are taught that what they are doing is making them come closer to
God. 'Haman bombers begin their education at puberty, where the boys learn that those who
die for God go directly to Heaven, a place of lush greenery where every martyr gets 70
virgin brides (Miller, Kenneth, pg. 38).'; But to kill yourself along with others will
only put you further away from God. 'Not everyone can be a suicide bomber, but those who
make the grade are seen as stars, their faces captured on posters, key chains and
collectors cards (Miller, Kenneth, pg. 38).'; To be a suicide bomber is nothing to be
proud of. What they have done is taken the power of God into their own hands. Suicide
bombers should be viewed as criminals not stars.

Terrorists usually do not have a problem with finding financial support.
Terrorists are surrounded with ways of finding financial support. Certain kinds of
financial support are state sponsored, robbery, extortion, and blackmail. 'Sometimes, of
course, a wealthy sponsor would befriend a group and, while taking no active part in
campaigns, would maintain a supply of cash (Bowman, Stephen, pg. 11).'; If we stop their
flow of cash then we can stop their operation.

State sponsored international terrorists usually fight for a religious war. 'Modern
advances of mass communication, international travel, and the development of weapons of
mass destruction have helped terrorists move their causes from a local status to a global
one (Bowman, Stephen, pg. 1).'; Now these terrorists have broadened their boundaries on
their religious war. 'These terrorists have become so important to their government that
they are physically protected by them (Bowman, Stephen, pg.11-12).'; This makes it a lot
harder to counter-attack terrorism. If we have to stop the government before we can stop
the terrorists then we in fact need to do that.

Ethical conflicts have been know to break up a group of terrorists. 'A decision to turn to
robbery was not always made lightly, and more then one group was to split up because of
ethical conflicts among members (Connor, Michael, pg. 35).'; Although this is great that
these terrorist have broken up this still is not enough in our fight against terrorism.
This means the majority of terrorists are still finding financial support. So our quest to
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