The Great Depression1 Essay

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The Great Depression1

The Great Depression

Welcome to the Depression. Your hungry, dirty, cold and unemployed. You need to point
the finger and you point it at Hoover. The 1920ís was a time of great prosperity in the
lives of most Americans and our natural human stupidity made us think it would stay that
way forever. We had just come out of the WWI and business was booming, along with farming
and the stock market. The future looked good, but people failed to understand that
economies canít be good forever, it has to come down sometime. All of the signs of a
depression were there; the farmers were producing too much, uneven income, easy credit and
huge debts; people just didnít notice them. Not until October 29, 1929 black Tuesday
anyway, when the bottom of the stock market fell out, taking millions of Americans lives
with it. Even though any didnít admit it, they knew what was on the way. People who had
been buying stock on margin suddenly found themselves poor and in bigger debt than they
could imagine. America went into a panic, pulling money out of banks in a frenzy causing
many to close their doors.

President Hoover tried hard to make the times better for the unemployed first by setting
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