The Great Gatsby Essay

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The Great Gatsby

In the book the Great Gatsby, none but a few people had the idealistic “American Dream”.
To some characters it seems the “American Dream, ”has replaced by materialism and greed.
What does the American Dream mean? What does it stand for? If a person has achieved their
American Dream how should they go about living? The American Dream is the vision to be
successful and to provide from and family the best way you can. Their dream is to also
have money.

In the book the Great Gatsby there are many characters with money. Someone who assume they
have really accomplished their mission to have the American Dream. Confused with the
tremendous mansions, jewelry, fancy cars and clothes, however they have yet to discover
the feeling of the American Dream. These characters are reluctant to live their lives on a
positive note. Therefore, they peruse lives of materialism and greed. The characters such
ass Tom and Daisy Buchanhan, Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson have all misplaced the American
Dream with materialism and greed.

Tom Buchanhan has replaced the American Dream with materialism and greed in many ways. He
works for nothing he has and plays all day. Another thing he does which takes up much of
his time is have an affair. Never the less he has his wife Daisy sitting in his huge
mansion alone with his daughter which he barley sees regularly. He has an Affair with a
woman named Myrtle Wilson. A woman who has no feeling for anybody but herself and cares
about living the highlife rather than living he own life. She lives to have Tom shower
her with gifts and take her as her number one priority.

Jay Gatsby’s obsession with materialism and greed is somewhat different from others in the
novel. Gatsby had an overwhelming love for Daisy, Tom Buchanhan’s wife. He felt so in love
that his greediness of mind overwhelmed his actions. He began buying jewelry, furniture,
clothes, automobiles and mansions to buy her love. All to impress his long lost love of 5
years. Daisy is a lightheaded, non-chalant woman. She too was obsessed with material
items. Her life was based on money. As Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story implied,
”Her voice is full of money”. She herself wouldn’t marry the man she loved because he was

For example in the novel when Daisy introduced her daughter to Gatsby, she asked, ”Don’t
you think they are pretty?” Why would she ask her daughter such an materialistic question.
If the same people were in her house and were all less fortunate, would she still have
asked that question? If Gatby weren’t rich, would she still love him as much as she does
now, since he has money? When Gatsby proposed to Daisy that her to leave Tom, she wasn’t
thinking about her daughter and how she would feel and how Tom would react. All she could
think about was herself and how glorious it would be to live with a man with that much
power and money.

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