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The Great Gatsby4

"Great Gatsby" is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald which takes place in the early
1900's. This book consists of five main characters, Nick Carraway, Tom Buchanan, Daisy
Buchanan, Jay Gatsby and Jordan Baker. When I completed this novel, I came to a
conclusion that this is a well - written book. The two main reasons that makes this novel
so superior is that Fitzgerald writes from his personal experience and makes good use of
his literary elements.

Throughout this novel, Fitzgerald's life plays a major part in the scenes and in the
story. For example, the conflict in this novel is that Gatsby is trying to get Daisy from
Tom, after Daisy turned him down because he wasn't wealthy. Similarly, Fitzgerald and
Zelda liked each other, but before they could get married, Fitzgerald needed to earn some
money. Obviously, his money came from writing great novels. Another example that
portrays Fitzgerald's life in this novel is the vast use of alcohol. In the novel,
alcohol is mentioned so often that it changes character's lives. Firstly, Dan Cody,
Gatsby's mentor was an alcoholic who died from alcoholism. And secondly, during Gatsby's
parties, people were getting drunk (the man in the library saying the books are real!).
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