The Hasid and the Zionist Essay

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The Hasid and the Zionist

The saying, “Opposites attract” actually comes to life in The Chosen, by Chaim
Potok. There are both similarities and differences between Reuven and Danny. Usually,
close friends have more similarities than differences, but not Reuven and Danny. They
really are total opposites. They have differences on almost every aspect of life. They
have different beliefs and ways of living. They even have differences in almost all of
their relationships. Reuven and Danny are completely unlike.

Reuven Malter is a Zionist; he was a Jew who wanted a Jewish state, before the Messiah
came. He has always been good at math, not like Danny. He wanted to be a Rebbi when he
grew up, although at first he wanted to be a mathematician. “The gematriya for
prozdor is five hundred and thirteen (134).” Reuven really doesn’t think for
himself, he always has his father help him with his problems. “I told him
(251).” This pretty well sums up Reuven’s relationship with his father, he
told him absolutely everything and never solved his own problems. Unlike Danny, Reuven
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