The headlines were SKI KID'S ICY HELL, and it's Essay

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The headlines were "SKI KID'S ICY HELL," and it's this experience that has indeed left a
continuing impression on my life. In 1992 at the mere age of twelve I was the subject of
an event that nearly ceased my life. On the last day of a weeklong excursion to Killington
I became lost after being cut-off a trail by two female skiers. Lost I remained for
twenty-two hours forced to endure subzero temperatures. After being found by what was
characterized as the most extensive search in Vermont's history I was diagnosed with
having severe hypothermia as well as third degree frostbite.

As I look back on the situation and how my experience has impacted my life I feel that I'm
almost contrasting the norm. Most people would probably state that as a result of a
critical experience they've grown closer to God. By no means am I slandering Catholicism,
but encountering death has changed me in a completely different manner. The experience
provided me with an enhanced ability to maintain composure in an array of situations. For
instance the night I was lost I could've easily panicked, but it was key that I didn't,
thus I sensibly dug a hole eliminating the wind chill in turn saving my life.

I've related this enhanced calm to everything from academics to athletics, as well as to
the family issues I've been coping with of late. The logic I've applied to my life is
rather simplistic, but at the same time has been abundantly effective. I feel that
composure is underrated when it comes to succeeding no matter the situation. Although I'd
never again want to experience that ‘Icy Hell,' but I remain infinitely grateful to the
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