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The Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness is a novel of indescribable horrors and actions that lie outside the
human mind. It describes a mans (Marlow) voyage on a west African river to find an a man
named Kurtz. The actual journey truly is towards the "heart of darkness", where it takes
Marlow by evidence of European indignity towards the natives. He wants to see this land
for himself, he does not quite believe in himself of what is really there. This story
hints at horrors that Marlow is incapable of describing, which leaves the reader to
imagine actions that are outside of normal everyday life. The voyage that Marlow has taken
has been long and exhausting. It's an adventure for him. He has experienced a great deal
of confrontation with the natives, jungle dangers and savagery. There is no interest of
the humans who live here and they are extremely mistreated. To them this is normal human
behavior. Nothing has been done differently. Nowhere did we stop long enough to get a
particular impression, but there was general sense of wonder. "It was like a weary
pilgrimage amongst hints for nightmares". This describes Marlow's voyage to the "heart of
darkness", the literal heart of darkness: Africa. He was fully warned and well-aware of
the evil he would encounter, however he chose to ignore that in effort to satisfy his
curiosity. The author is also saying something about human nature. Human curiosity about
an unknown place can make him cross the line of civilized human behavior and enter a world
of nightmares. Marlow wanted to see it for himself, but what made it most fascinating was
this land was something he had never experienced before. He knew he would be a "weary
pilgrimage amongst hints for nightmares" but he wanted to prove something to himself that
could remain doubtable if not seen. There is a persistence of the human instinct that
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