The history fo boy scouting Essay

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the history fo boy scouting

Boy Scouting has effected the lives of many young men between the age of twelve and
eight-teen. Over one million boys have been effected in America alone since 1910 when Boy
Scouting was incorporated. But the story of Boy Scouting started before 1910.

The Story begins in 1844, when the YMCA was founded in London. The YMCA laid the
foundation for the largest organization for boys. Within the next fifteen years three of
the most important figures in boy scouting were born. They are Daniel Carter Beard, a
great outdoorsmen, Robert Baden Powell, the founder of boy scouting, and Ernest Thompson
Seton, who was also skilled in the outdoors. Then in 1876, the First Boy’s Club was
established. This was America’s first version of the Boy Scouts. This was soon followed
by a number of organizations from 1902 until 1907. Some of these include Woodcraft
Indians, founded by Seton; Sons of Daniel Boone, founded by Beard; the Boy’s Club and the
Brownsea Island Experiment.

In 1910 Boy Scouts came to America officially. The legendary story goes as follows. One
foggy day in 1909 and American Businessman named William D. Boyce lost his way in the fog.
So he stopped under a street light to read his map when he was approached by a young
British boy. The boy asked the man if he could help and the man said certainly. The boy
showed the man to his destination. When the man offered the boy a tip the boy responded
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