The Holocaust Analysis

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust was the extermination of the Jews and other people whom Hitler considered
inferior. It took place from 1933 to 1945. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany led
this effort. About 12 million people were murdered, half of them being Jews. When Hitler
took over control of Germany, everything changed. Hitler had a very strong prejudice
against the Jews. He wanted to create the perfect race of blonde haired blue eyed Germans.
His followers, who were the soldiers in the camps, were called Nazis. They enforced all
killing that Hitler wanted done. Also, there were many other people involved in this
massive genocide. Different people were leading the killing and different groups of people
were being killed, not only Jews. For instance, there were many doctors who ran tests on
people, but didn't care if the patients were hurt or even killed, which they usually were.
All surgeries were performed without any anesthetic. These are just a couple general
things that happened during the Holocaust. There are so many things that happened in this
time period that are impossible to imagine or just are too horrible to think about.

The things about the Holocaust that I find the most unnerving are the torture and pain
they put the Jews and other groups through. The two main topics I feel are most serious or
crucial are the medical experiments and their results and reactions on the patients. Also,
the different camps, their strong points and general methods for killing used there. There
are three camps that are familiar to me and I hear mentioned the most. They are Dachau,
Treblinka, and of course, Auschwitz. The doctor who was most infamous for carrying out
horrible experiments was Mengele.

Dachau, Treblinka, and Auschwitz were three of the six concentration camps that were used
for execution of Jews and other groups considered inferior. At Treblinka, 700,000 to over
1,000,000 people were killed. The gassings at Dachau never went past the experimental
stage. They were in no way used as the gas chambers in Auschwitz were. Also, at Dachau,
they performed Intense Cooling experiments. A summary of what they did was they'd dress
the subject in certain clothes and either put their whole body, to include the brain stem,
or only up to the brain stem in water which was from 2.5 to 12 degrees Centigrade.
Fatalities only occurred when the brain stem and back of head were also chilled. High
altitude tests were also performed where the subject would be taken up at certain heights
above sea level and they'd see how long they would survive before their breathing totally
ceased. Auschwitz, on the other hand, killed probably the largest amount of people, and
this camp was different in the respect that it was also a labor concentration camp.
Approximately 1,300,00 people perished at Auschwitz. 1,000,000 of which died in the gas

Heinrich Himmler appointed Mengele chief doctor at Auschwitz. Mengele once supervised an
operation where two Gypsy children were sewn together to make Siamese twins. Their hands,
where the veins had been resected, became badly infected. He once cut off a person's arm,
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