Paper on The Hot Zone

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The Hot Zone

Ryan Rodney
Jan Decker
March 24, 2005
The Hot Zone

Discussion: The Ebola Virus is an extremely deadly virus that can kill its hosts with in a
few weeks. The infected starts by having dizziness and headaches, then proceeds to give
fatigue, sweating, and red eyes caused by bleeding of the veins. Internally all of the
organs begin to swell and bleed profusely. There is extreme clotting in the heart, liver,
and kidneys. Internal bleeding takes over and eventually shuts down the entire bodily
systems that are essential to life. Bleeding also occurs through the eyes, mouth, anus,
penis, and vagina (any natural openings). Another problem with the Ebola virus is that
most doctors will try giving antibiotics to the patients to fight presumed Malaria, but
any punctures of the skin result in bleeding that cannot be stopped because the clotting
properties of the blood are useless at this time. Even if the host is able to survive the
attack from Ebola, severe brain damage occurs from clotting of blood in the cerebral. The
clotting cuts off oxygen to the brain killing the cells. If you want to look for a plus in
the brain clotting, then you should know that the deprivation of oxygen shuts off a lot of
the nerves to the body, thus relieving the infected person of most pain after being
infected for about a week. The death rate of persons infected with the Ebola virus is
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