The Hypocrisy Of Diversity Essay

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The Hypocrisy Of Diversity

'Diversity'. It's everywhere you look these days. When you switch on your TV set, you open
up a newspaper, or you just look out your window - it's there. It seems everybody has a
lot to say about diversity, but what does it mean, what does it really mean? And what does
the future hold for a racially 'diverse' America?

Well.. let's look at the fine people who are pushing for the 'diversity' line. Who's
opening the borders to hordes of illegal aliens in order to 'diversify' the racial makeup
of the United States and allowing these criminals to collect welfare and vote? Who's
saying we should have to make way for Blacks and Mexicans in our own society, forcing us
to change our ways, our culture, in order to accommodate these people, and their cultures.
Who is saying that we should bring these Negroes and Mestizoes into predominantly White
places and institutions, and we should have to be 'tolerant' and 'sensitive' to the
cultural and racial attitudes of these people.

Isn't it mainly the left that's saying we should have to accept more 'diversity', that we
should have to change our ways and become more 'sensitive' towards these people when we
are dealing with them? Isn't it mainly these leftists, the Marxist-Communists, the
professional class- and race-warfare artists, that are always crying out about the
'oppression' of the Negro and the Mestizo, and how we need to help these people by giving
them free healthcare, free welfare, free houses. Just last year that proud moral example,
that wonderful honest man who's word was his bond, that embodiment of patriotic
Americanism, president Bill Clinton stated proudly to a cheering audience that "by 2050,
Whites will be a minority in the United States". Yes, it's mainly the left, but most
Republicans are not much better as they do a fairly good job of sitting back and watching
it happen, since they know that it drives down the cost of labor to have a such a large
unskilled population.

But really, what kind of benefits do 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism' bring to our
society and to the average Joe White guy. After all, it's not at all necessary to bring
people from other races and from other cultures to our country just for the sake of having
them here, and it's not necessary for us to have to bend our customs, culture and values
in order to accomodate these people. This is really only a new trend, I mean, 60 years ago
nobody really cared about how 'diverse' schools were, and how many 'minorities' a
particular business employed. Nobody cared to how these people felt in our community
because of exactly that: it was OUR community and if they were going to live here they
were going to have to accommodate US. 60 years ago they didn't care about these people
because they had no reason to. There was no reason then and there is no reason now, there
is no possible benefit for us in bringing these people into our country; to feed them, to
clothe them, to house them, to educate them and then after that to find jobs for them.
That's exactly what's happening right now though; the first two, food and clothing are
taken care of by welfare, housing is taken care of by the huge housing projects you will
find in any big city, and everybody knows the color of people who tend to live in those.
Education is taken care of by our 'integrated' school system and by bussing poor Black
kids into well-to-do White schools just for the sake of 'diversity'. And after all that,
they are either employed through the racist 'affirmative action' programs, or they sit
back and collect welfare off the taxpayer for the rest of their lives while they find an
equally 'diverse' wife, and keep her spitting out kids like a roman-candle. One can look
at any study on crime in the more 'diverse' areas of cities, counties, or states, and you
will see that as the 'diversity' level rises, so does the crime rate. The same is true
with the spread of AIDS, syphilis, and other venereal diseases. So why the push for this
'diversity', because, I'm sorry, I just don't see any benefits of it. All I can see is
that it brings a low-class, struggling, disease-prone underclass of social leeches, who
want to take from the average White guy who breaks his back to make a living, and gives it
to the Negro or Mestizo drug-dealing pimp on the street so he can use it to buy himself
another line or two of crack cocaine, or another few bottles of cheap liquor.

So, on one hand you have the left, the liars, cheats, scoundrels and crooks, who will give
money to the lazy poor man and tell him that he could have had just as much chance in
life, and therefore has just as much a right to be have that money as the hard-working man
who busts his ass to make a living. You have these people, these self-proclaimed
'champions of the underclass' importing and distributing all manner of diseased and lazy
low-lifes for the sake of 'diversity'. And on the other hand you have the money-hungry
right who are making a fast buck off these immigrants and social misfits in the form of
cheap labor so they don't have a reason to do anything to stop it. They don't have to live
with them, they don't have to send their kids go to school with them.. but they are more
than happy to employ them for a couple of dollars an hour when they want someone to make
their tennis shoes, or to assemble their children's toys. Neither side wants to do
anything to stop it because they are both profiting from it at the expense of the
middle-class Whiteman.

Just take a second and look at the hypocrisy in it - ask yourself this: why aren't these
proponents of more 'diversity', more 'multiculturalism', and more 'tolerance' concerned
about making, say; West Africa, a more 'diverse' place? After all, they complain about the
'disgustingly white'-ness of, say Iowa, Idaho or Colorado, yet you don't hear them
complaining, for example, about the 'disgustingly black'-ness of Kenya, Somalia or
Mozambique, or the 'disgustingly yellow'-ness of Korea, Japan or China, despite these fact
that all these nations have an almost homogenous population. I wonder why, why these
people feel that they need to bring 'diversity' to Australia, to England, to America, to
all the Nordic Aryan nations on earth, when there are so many Negro, Arab, or Asian
nations in a far less 'multicultural' state than any White nation. When was the last time
you heard about the Jew Abraham Foxman and his "Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith"
making one of their "tolerance" drives down to Zimbabwe, in order to teach the local
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