The Lady Her Porch And Her Chair Essay

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The Lady Her Porch And Her Chair

The Lady,Her Porch, and Her Chair

Once there lived an old lady named Clair Higgins. Every summer day she would sit out on
her porch in her rocking chair drinking lemonade and reading a book. She looked like a
nice person, but rumor had it that she was a mean old lady. Some people say that she
killed her husband, others say that her husband ran away from her. It was so hard to
believe though. Clair didn't look anything like a mean person. She looked so gentle and
kind. She hair fair skin and rosy cheeks. Her hair was a shinny silver-gray,and it was
fairly long. Her lips were plush and pink,all this surprising at her age. Most women her
age have thinning gray hair and lots of wrinkles. That was another thing that was weird
about her, she had few wrinkles. She doesn't look all that tall and she's fairly skinny.
I've never seen her smile, she looks so lonely. Or maybe the book she is reading is just
sad. Even though she doesn't smile, I still think that she is kind at heart. Just because
her husband isn't around doesn't mean she killed him. Maybe he died of old age or is in a
nursing home. Wherever he is, people have no right talking about her and saying stuff that
they don't even know is true.

Her porch is in pretty good condition. It looks like a comforting place to sit out on nice
days. Except for the few cobwebs that have gathered in the corners it looks nice. The
steps are cement and there are flower beds surrounding the porch, with beautiful flowers
in them. They were so pretty that they lit up the whole house,and you would just want walk
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