The Long History of American Slavery

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The Long History of American Slavery
Ifrah Issa

Slavery has impacted America in a significant way and it\'s still impacting in our society today. We\'ve seen in our history books of what happened during the slavery times and how slaves were treated. Reading, "The Long History of American Slavery ", it got more detailed with how long it really was and how it impacted society. This article covers on what happened before Jamestown came to America , how slavery impacted thee Native Americans and the world. Also, many great professors who study this type of slavery came together with what they discovered and it explains it all in this article.
In this article it covered how many universities came together to get more in depth in what happened, " Slaves worked on Mississippi cotton plantations, Ivy League campuses, in Detroit trading posts, Texas missions, urban factories, Massachusetts kitchens, California brothels, and at the governor\'s mansion in Santa Fe. Much of this reorientation results from historians\' expansion of their field of vision to include the experiences of indigenous people ." (The Long History of American Slavery, p1). Historians have been going around places where plantations and cotton fields were to collect things to be kept for history purposes and to learn more about what happened during that time. Now, this article doesn\'t only talk about slavery for black people, but also what happened to the Native Americans.
A Historian named Brett Rushforth studied more of what happened to the Indians. He discovered that during the mid-nineteenth century, two-four million Native American slaves were traded by colonizers in the Americas ," Historian Brett Rushforth has calculated that from the late fifteenth through the mid-nineteenth century, two to four million Native American slaves were traded by colonizers in the Americas. We are only beginning to understand the nature and implications of this overlooked slave trade, but it is clear that colonists routinely captured Natives in warfare or purchased them from Indian middlemen, sometimes trading them over vast distances. " (The long history of the American Slavery p

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