The lottery winner Essay

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The lottery winner

Blake Moreland
The Lottery Winner
Clark, Mary
Pocket Books

The book starts out in Manhattan, New York in modern times. The book mostly takes place
in New York city but throughout the book they also travel to London, England, cypress
point spa, and several other places. The book ends back in Manhattan, New York.

Alvirah Meehan is a former maid that is near her sixties and has quit her job after her
and her husband struck it rich in the winning of the lottery. Alvirah started taking
interest in helping people with murders and other problems that she ran across while
traveling across the world. After she had won the lottery the New York Globe news paper
had asked her to write about all of her different adventures.

Willy Meehan is around his sixties, he has blue eyes with white hair. Willy is a former
plumber who quit his job after wining the lottery with his wife Alvirah. Willy enjoys
traveling with Alvirah to all the different places. He is very supportive and help full
to Alvirah in her interest of helping others with there crimes. He also enjoys helping
the poor or just those people that can't afford to hire a plumber so he dose the job for

Brian who is somewhere around his twenties, he is an up and coming famous play writer.
Brian is the nephew of Willy. Brian is first introduced in the first story called "The
body in the closet". He was staying at the apartment of Willy and Alvirah were a body
was found in there closet at there return from there trip to England. He becomes the main
suspespect in the murder because he was the last be in the apartment. This was not a good
thing for Brian because his career was just taking off with all the great plays he was
writing. Brian becomes very lucky with the help of Alvirah as they prove his innocence.
Brian then was able to go back on with is writings of the plays.
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