The lottery Term Paper

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the lottery

All people are unique in their own ways, however have contradictory characteristics such
as good and evil. Some people have a soul in which the good side is more dominant, and
others have a more dominant bad side. The lottery is a way for the characters in the
story to reveal the hidden evil of their souls.

One example of this is portrayed through the eagerness and the willingness to participate
in the lottery. One of the characters says that they feel like its only been a few weeks
since the last lottery, which gives the impression that the lottery is something to look
forward to. This shows that the evil side of these people enjoys inflicting pain on

Mrs. Hutchinson was eager to get to the lottery herself. She shows the evil in her
character by wishing the pain that she must live through, and perhaps even die as the
outcome, on others. She does not want to accept the fact that she was chosen. Mrs.
Hutchinson says that it is “not fair”, regarding the final results of the
lottery. The lottery was something she looked forward to until the outcome of the lottery
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