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The Matrix

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It is easy to confuse the concepts of "virtual reality" and a "computerized model of
reality (simulation)". The former is a self-contained Universe, replete with its "laws of
physics" and "logic". It can bear resemblance to the real world or not. It can be
consistent or not. It can interact with the real world or not. In short, it is an
arbitrary environment. In contrast, a model of reality must have a direct and strong
relationship to the world. It must obey the rules of physics and of logic. The absence of
such a relationship renders it meaningless. A flight simulator is not much good in a world
without aeroplanes or if it ignores the laws of nature. A technical analysis program is
useless without a stock exchange or if its mathematically erroneous.

Yet, the two concepts are often confused because they are both mediated by and reside on
computers. The computer is a self-contained (though not closed) Universe. It incorporates
the hardware, the data and the instructions for the manipulation of the data (software).
It is, therefore, by definition, a virtual reality. It is versatile and can correlate its
reality with the world outside. But it can also refrain from doing so. This is the ominous
"what if" in artificial intelligence (AI). What if a computer were to refuse to correlate
its internal (virtual) reality with the reality of its makers? What if it were to impose
its own reality on us and make it the privileged one?

In the visually tantalizing movie, "The Matrix", a breed of AI computers takes over the
world. It harvests human embryos in laboratories called "fields". It then feeds them
through grim looking tubes and keeps them immersed in gelatinous liquid in cocoons. This
new "machine species" derives its energy needs from the electricity produced by the
billions of human bodies thus preserved. A sophisticated, all-pervasive, computer program
called "The Matrix" generates a "world" inhabited by the consciousness of the unfortunate
human batteries. Ensconced in their shells, they see themselves walking, talking, working
and making love. This is a tangible and olfactory phantasm masterfully created by the
Matrix. Its computing power is mind boggling. It generates the minutest details and reams
of data in a spectacularly successful effort to maintain the illusion.

A group of human miscreants succeeds to learn the secret of the Matrix. They form an
underground and live aboard a ship, loosely communicating with a halcyon city called
"Zion", the last bastion of resistance. In one of the scenes, Cypher, one of the rebels
defects. Over a glass of (illusory) rubicund wine and (spectral) juicy steak, he poses the
main dilemma of the movie. Is it better to live happily in a perfectly detailed delusion -
or to survive unhappily but free of its hold?

The Matrix controls the minds of all the humans in the world. It is a bridge between them,
they inter-connected through it. It makes them share the same sights, smells and textures.
They remember. They compete. They make decisions. The Matrix is sufficiently complex to
allow for this apparent lack of determinism and ubiquity of free will. The root question
is: is there any difference between making decisions and feeling certain of making them
(not having made them)? If one is unaware of the existence of the Matrix, the answer is
no. From the inside, as a part of the Matrix, making decisions and appearing to be making
them are identical states. Only an outside observer - one who in possession of full
information regarding both the Matrix and the humans - can tell the difference.

Moreover, if the Matrix were a computer program of infinite complexity, no observer
(finite or infinite) would have been able to say with any certainty whose a decision was -
the Matrix's or the human's. And because the Matrix, for all intents and purposes, is
infinite compared to the mind of any single, tube-nourished, individual - it is safe to
say that the states of "making a decision" and "appearing to be making a decision" are
subjectively indistinguishable. No individual within the Matrix would be able to tell the
difference. His or her life would seem to him or her as real as ours are to us. The Matrix
may be deterministic - but this determinism is inaccessible to individual minds because of
the complexity involved. When faced with a trillion deterministic paths, one would be
justified to feel that he exercised free, unconstrained will in choosing one of them. Free
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