The million dollar blank-note (mark twain) Essay

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the million dollar blank-note (mark twain)

Dear Son
I know you are probably wondering what this letters concerning but I anted you to know how
I came to be the man you look upon as your father. You should know that in many cases
money is brought upon a man through inheritance, luck, or hard work. In my case however
money was brought onto me because of the hard-worker I once was. It was not to long ago
that I was just an ordinary man living in San Francisco as a mining brokers clerk. In the
eyes of others I was a respectable young man, clean-cut, and very intelligent, all the
qualities to go fortune. However in my eyes I looked past all those qualities and just say
a lonesome m morning shift that Saturday, I decided to enjoy the rest of my day with a
sail through the bay, like always however this time I had ventured to far and was carried
out to sea by the current. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with all hope lost until a
ship picked me up from sea. The ship was bound for London and since I had no cash on me I
had to work my passage there as a sailor. When I finally reached London I was a mess. My
clothes where all torn and ragged, and I had only a dollar in my pocket. I survived the
first day with the single dollar but when day two had arrived I was need for food and
shelter however that same day my luck was beginning to change. I was walking on the
streets in search for any food I could retrieve when a man called out to me through a
window. I stepped inside the house where the man had called me from and was escorted into
an enormous room, which was occupied, by a group of elderly old men. Now before I continue
I need to stop and explain to you some minor details that weren't given to me before. The
Bank of England once issued two million dollar bank-notes. The notes were to be used for
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