The Miracle Worker Essay

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The Miracle Worker

In the story The Miracle Worker, Capt. Keller and his son James are unable to communicate
with each other because Capt. Keller will not listen to James.Both have very different
personalities. Capt. Keller is a strong, stubborn, and easily angered kind of guy. James
on the other hand is a kind and obedient kid that does what he is told. Though with all
their differences they both love Helen and want the best for her.In the story Capt. Keller
is motivated to forget his past, That is probably why he ignores James so much. Keller is
forgetting that James in not only from his past but is part of his life now. James is
motivated to get his father to pay attention to him, but to do that he must first stand up
to his father.James and Capt. Keller are not perfect, and both have faults that they need
to put behind them. James is unable to stand up to his father because he is probably
afraid of him. He knows that his father is wrong sometimes, but he will not stand up to
them. Keller thinks he is always right and will never listen to his son James.Here is the
conclusion; they will probably get along if they consider how much alike they are. For one
thing they both love Helen and want the best for her. They should also listen to each
other and compromise what they should do for Helen.

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