The New Way to Book Your Travels Essay

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The New Way to Book Your Travels

Brent Gresham
February 4, 2005
Hosp. Mrkt. Prof. Guillory

The New Way to Book Your Travels
In December's e-issue of 4, the article "Give the People what they want -
Airfare and Car Rentals from your Hotels website," by Richard Getz, elaborates on the new
selling techniques in which major hotel corporations are incorporating into their
websites. The customer will be able to book his/her hotel room, airline ticket as well as
their rental car all at the same time and on the same website as a package. Though you
might think you are booking your package with that company, you are really booking it
through a "middle man" company called Really the hotels website is
linked directly with, who is the real one booking the flight, your
rental car and your lodging accommodations.

This incentive for the customer of having to book all of their travel arrangements at the
same time has proved to be quite enticing because of the steady increase in internet sales
for booking travel arrangements all at once. The "Big Dogs" of the hotel world such as
Westin, Marriott, Sheraton, Four Points, St. Regis, and Holiday Inn to name a few, have
this new service on their websites and the sales have been increasing steadily.

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