The Patience of Penelope Essay

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The Patience of Penelope

Essay: “ The Patience of Penelope”

Do you believe that “true love” is Eternal? Would you be able to wait for your
“true love” to arrive or would you settle for what is at reach? In the Greek love story,
“The Patience of Penelope,” the writer portrays the meaning of “true love”. In the short
story “true love” consisted of patience, faith, and even suffering.

Not all of us hold the rare quality of having patience. We get desperate easily
when we are obligated to wait for something which we need or want. We tend to give in
quickly to lessen our craving or settle for less. Patience was something that Penelope, the
young; beautiful; and wealthy wife of Odysseus carried within herself. Penelope was
aware of her husband’s rumors of his death. Though she maintained seeking patience,
and no matter how helpless she felt, she ignored the suitors who tried winning her favors
and weaved wool for four years till Odysseus revealed himself.

An extraordinary term by which many of us live with everyday is “faith”. It is
possible for us to have faith in our friends, God, and/or love. In the story, Penelope
demonstrates her belief in faith towards her husband, Odysseus. She remained loyal,
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