The Physicists Essay

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The Physicists

The Physicists

The Physicists is a satiric play written by the Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt about
three physicists who are living in the private

sanatorium " Les Cerisiers " headed by the last living member of an old regional
aristocratic family, Miss Dr. h.c. Dr. med. Mathilde

Von Zahnd. The first one thinks he is Sir Isaac Newton, but he is in reality Herbert Georg
Beutler, the second one thinks he is Albert

Einstein and his real name is Ernst Heinrich Ernesti. The third physicist, Johann Wilhelm
Möbius is different, he has got no second

identity but he is in this sanatorium because King Solomon speaks to him.

We enter the play when many men are in the saloon. It is the place of a tragedy as Mr
Ernesti has strangled a nurse. Mr. Beutler has

also killed a nurse a couple of months ago. The inspector is slightly annoyed because he
has to visit Les Cerisiers the second time

during a short period of time and because he can’t speak to or take away the
murderer . He is also expressing the wish of the

public prosecutor that the sanatorium has to be taken over by male nurses because of the
two murders by the two physicists.

During the course of the play the personal and physical change is perceptible. Both the
main characters and the environment are

changing. For an example in act two, Herbert Georg Beutler alias Sir Isaac Newton turns
out to be a long lost world famous physicist

Alex Jasper Kilton who discovered the "Theory of Equivalents" also Albert Einstein alias
Ernst Heinrich Ernesti is the also long lost

discoverer of the "Eislereffect" Joseph Eisler. The most noticeable changes are that there
are male nurses and the iron bars in front of

the windows.

There are many characteristic changes in this incalculable and satiric play.

First of all the inspector is annoyed and impatient because he can’t see or take
away the - as everybody knows guilty -

murderers to put them to justice or he can’t even question these criminals. After
the death of nurse Monika Stettler caused by

the " so-called" harmless physicist Johann Wilhelm Möbius the inspector changes rapidly "
At first I felt angry at not being able to

proceed with the arrests." Then the change occurs "But now ? All at once I’m
enjoying myself." " The first time in my life

justice is on holiday- and it’s a terrific feeling." (page 35). After this comment
we see the inspector the last time.

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