The Polemic About Tatoos Essay

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The Polemic About Tatoos

The polemic about tattoos
I was wondering why tattoos are a controversial point in our society! There are people against and
people that really like tattoos, but who is right? Should I think it is a good or a bad thing? Maybe for
the tattooists the art involves is worth the pain and sacrifice of being tattooed. For the religious, it is a
sin to sacrifice one's body with so meaningless purpose. Now I don't think there are excuses to justify
so drastic a way of art, but analyzing the points of view I will try to clarify some questions I still have
about this body art such as the reason people have tattoos, "When did tattooing start?", the dangers
involved in this procedure, the removal of a tattoo and society's reaction to tattooed persons.
Thinking it is weird to have one's body penetrated many times by a needle to make only a drawing I
do not think is worth it. So, why do people have tattoos? Why it is a common place nowadays?
Probably because people see that the tattoo is a way of expression, but the real motivation to acquire
it varies among groups and cultures. It marks thoughts, opinions, memories…Some persons obtains
tattoos as a means of asserting their personal identity or sexual orientation. Tattoos may be a
testament to feelings of love, they have been associated with rites of passage and identification with
groups. Nowadays tattoos is used for some cosmetic medical procedures and permanent make-up
applications, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' web site. Some
women seek facial tattooing as method of permanent adornment that reduces the need of cosmetics,
what can be helpful when, for example, a compromised vision impairs the ability to apply make-up.
Talking with a friend who likes a lot of body art, Manoela Cunha, she said: "I like tattoos because
they make me feel "the one"! There is no one else in the world like me it is a way of identification".
She adds: "It is not a rebellion of thoughts, it's just something I like and I really don't care about
other peoples judgment". She said it is not a painful thing, none of her 3 tattoos and her piercing
hurt, and she is planning to get others.
Analyzing the past, I can see it is not a recent thing. I read once in a web site about frequently asked
questions about body art that the word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word "tatau", which was
onomatopoetic for the sound their tattooing instrument made, it was toke to Europe by Captain Cook
in !771. As written by Cleve Clin in "The Psychodynamics of Tattooing: a Review", in the eighteenth
century, tattooing was popular with royalty and the upper classes of Europe. Our ancestors used to
paint and mark their bodies for many reasons, I believe mainly because of "devotion" to Gods, to
identify their groups, to look prettier…It still happen in indigenous communities that live in Brazilian
preservation areas , aborigine groups from the Australian outback and African nomads from the
Sahara desert. Once I saw on Discovery Channel these African groups. During a season a lot of them
go together to a festival. They drink, eat, party, sing and the men, during the festival, paint their
bodies and faces and, in a line, using special clothes and making funny sounds, try to make a girl fall
in love with them. Using the art of painting they demonstrate their feelings.
I had already the desire to have a tattoo but always something convinces me that it is not a good
thing. First, imagine myself an old lady with many wrinkles and tattoos! Bizarre! An other point I
consider: my parents - Edson Bolonhini and Silvia Sanders- are totally against it. They say it involves
many risks, it is unnecessary. They explained to me it is not a good thing because their religion
believes one's soul will carry the mark during other lives. There is no way to know if it is right but I
prefer to believe in my parents. Even more, the process involves some amount of pain and a small
amount of bleeding, it can take many hours, it is expensive, the site of application usually takes 7 to
10 days to heal, it is "permanent" and the removal processing is painful and even more expensive,
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