The presence of Lillian’s husband in “The Guilt” Essay

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The presence of Lillian’s husband in “The Guilt”

Rayda Jacobs “The Guilt” is a story of confrontation between an old woman and a young
black guy in her house. The name of the old woman is Lillian Thurgwood who is a widow and
through out the story she gives us the picture of struggle of an old and lonely woman
against the world around her through different incidents of her life. Rayda Jacobs, in the
story, has sketched the influence of her late husband on her life in such a way that it
reveals the strength of her nature and overcoming the challenges of her lonely life to the
readers quite evidently.

Lillian Thurgwood lives in a house, which has “the wall round the property ten feet high”,
and the gates are locked. This tells us about the insecurity of a lonely woman who lives
all by her own. But two Alsatians, Tembi, and Tor, who guard her as - “sentinels at the
gate.” These two “fierce and powerful dogs” are trained by her “late husband” to “follow
specific commands” and she feels that these two dogs give her the security and protection
she needs to keep her safe from the world outside. In a married relationship it is the
husband’s responsibility to keep his wife safe and protected. Similarly, Lillian senses
that though her husband is not alive - who would have protected her from dangers if alive,
these two dogs trained by her husband gives her that protection and sense of being secured
as if they were left by her husband to protect her when he will not be there physically.
We see the demonstration of this when William Sidlayi, the young black man in the story,
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