The presidency Essay

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the presidency

The Presidency

- The powers of the presidency are described very briefly in Article II of the Constitution. Specific powers include:
- Chief Administrator
- Commander-in-Chief
- Chief Lawmaker
- Chief Diplomat
- Chief of State

- In addition to those enumerated powers, presidents have claimed they have certain
inherent powers to do whatever has to be done to fulfill their responsibilities as

- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln all expanded on their enumerated
powers, setting a precedent for later presidents to do likewise.

- Because the U.S. has become such a powerful nation, presidents have become more powerful
people. They are now considered world leaders as well as national leaders.

- They have also become party leaders,have to be strong communicators in the age of mass
media, and serve as lobbyists for their legislative goals.

- One explanation for expansion of presidential powers is that sometimes Congress lets a
president take responsibility for unpopular actions, such as going to war.

- America's strongest, most powerful presidents have emerged during periods of crisis,
such as a war or depression. Lincoln and FDR are examples.

- Popular presidents are also likely to become more powerful, because citizens trust them with power.

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