The Prioress Tale Essay

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The Prioress Tale

The Prioress' Tale
Prioress, now it is your time,
Speak up loud, be not a mime.
"Fine then, I'll tell you a tale from my mother,
‘Twill be unique, unlike any other.
My story will teach you change isn't good,
Understand it you will, make you better it should."
The Tale
Across the town and down the street
People stopped to sample his delicious treat
Sweet, thick and full of custardy goodness
There was a man, not Elliot Ness
Who fulfilled the Bronx's pudding needs.
A fat man, he was, pudding was his seed
To plant on the earth to grow.
The lunch rush on Monday was quite slow,
But Pudding Man knew not what to do.
So he shut down his shop and put on his shoe
And walked right home and started to nap,
He fell asleep quick, unlike dripping maple sap.
All of a sudden something made him scream,
Was it a seizure, no it was just a dream.
The dream inspired him to rethink his life
Should he shut down his shop or kill himself with a knife?
No, Pudding Man thought to himself,
Just remodel the shop and add some new shelves.
Change his image and his shops image too,
Add new flavors of pudding, none tasting like poo.
The next day Pudding Man began his plan,
New recipes, new store front, new sign that read "Pudding Man."
Even with the new image, no business came.
In fact his new image was incredibly lame.
Then Pudding Man began to think,
Appeal to new customers, along the lines of a mink.
"I'll cater to animals of all different kind,
I'll make new recipes that I think up in the mind."
Scour the world is what Pudding Man did,
Looking for new ingredients, like Beruitan Malkafid,
Venezuelan Tapioca and Chinese Vanilla Bean,
Would make his pudding quite peachy keen.
And for decoration add a bone or catnip
His pudding was so good, his dog licked his lip.
Pudding Man thought to himself, "I don't know what I should,
Oh well, I'll make it up, just knock on wood."
He opened for business at a quarter to eight,
He arrived early, not to be late.
The first customer strolled in at 7:46,
Hoping for goo business, he prayed not for a jinx.
The customer brought in his pet porcupine.
"My pet ‘pine likes pudding, and yours looks quite fine."
The man told our jovial Pudding Man. So,
He ordered a bowl of Mongolian Poe.
"What is exactly Poe, my good fellow?"
Pudding Man didn't know but he acted quite mellow.
"Ummmmm…it tastes likes a mixture of apples and grapes."
But what Pudding Man didn't know, is that Poe was the snot of apes.
The customer smiled and sat at a table,
Out came the pudding, ready to eat the ‘pine was able.
But Pudding Man sweated, recalling his lie,
Before he knew it, the pudding went bye-bye.
The porcupine ate it not looking back,
It was well on its way to its food-storage-sack.
The Pudding Man let out a sigh of relief,
The porcupine enjoyed it, what a relief.
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