The Problem Of Online Casino

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The problem of online casino

In our society today, computer technology plays an important role in many forms of entertainment, especially in the field of online casino. As technology advances, net gambling is becoming more and more popular because people don't have to go out far to the land-base casino. However, many state want to prohibit net gambling because the cause of following 4 problem: the potential for fraud over the Internet, children's access to gambling sites, an increase in gambling addictions, and the need to preserve state revenues generated from legally enforced (and state-run) gambling operations.

In order to understand the first concern about the potential for fraud over the Internet, one must understand how a typical Internet gambling site works: Gamblers provide their credit card numbers and social security numbers, or mail in deposits between $100 to $500, to open up accounts. When the on-site operators receive the bets that the gambler places, they will use computers to run complex programs to simulate gambling games. Upon completion of a game, an on-site operator reports back to the gambler to notify whether they have won or lost. The design of an online gambling site precludes gamblers from investigating whether games are operated fairly. Therefore, gamblers are at the mercy of those on-site operators who manipulate the odds or who falsely report game results because there have no way to tell if virtual dice, roulette or cards are rolled, spun or dealt randomly or whether on-site operator responding to a sequence to cheat customers. In contrast, traditional casinos are investigated to ensure that gamblers are provided with fair opportunities to win. A further problem of online gambling is that on-site operators will not properly credit winnings. If on-site operators fail to properly credit winnings, gamblers will have a lot of difficulty finding on-site operators in cyberspace. Often, when too many gamblers win, online operators simply shut down their web sites and open new online gambling sites.

Online gambling is the ease with which children can access cyber-casinos. This easy accessibility stems, in part, from the pervasiveness of the Internet in homes. Since, having a casino in one's home only encourage gambling addicts and sparks that interest of children. In addition, it is possible that some children using their parent user name and password to gamble on the net without t

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