The Purpose of prophecy Essay

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The Purpose of prophecy

Eric Lively

People have always been fascinated with the future. Whether it is a mere curiosity or fear
of the unknown man, for thousands of years, has tried painstakingly to unravel the mystery
of prophecy in the Bible. Countless books have been written on the subject of prophecy
hoping to shed some light on what is to come. The desperate search for truth, purpose and
hope has led many to seek the costly advice of spiritual advisors and fortune tellers.
Ironically, the things they so desperately desire can be easily found free to all in

Today, people are drowning in discouragement and uncertainty. Whether the problems are
politics, problems in Middle East, or the Tsunami that killed thousands of innocent lives,
people feel they have lost control of their own lives. Prophecy and the fulfillment of the
spoken word of God should give people comfort, peace and hope in a chaotic world. People
need assurance, and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy is assurance that God is still in
control and nothing happens without His consent. Despite the destruction and senseless
violence, God is still working in the lives of believers everywhere. As believers see the
promises of God being fulfilled, all can draw comfort in knowing that the Almighty God is
true to His promises. Prophecy is the fulfillment of what God said or promised would take
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