The Red Scare Reality Essay

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The "Red Scare" Reality

During the cold war, fear and hostility toward communism were the driving forces behind
many of the social and foreign policies in the United States. How much of this fear
actually was grounded in reality?

During the “Red Scare” America was totally taken over by a fear of communism, or
anything/anyone that had anything to do with communism. Much of this fear was really
unnecessary when you put things into prospective. American’s were afraid of a communist
takeover, which would almost never happen in the US. America was scared of communism it’s
self, which was a really unjustified fear. These fears of communism ended up taking some
rights away from innocent Americans, which was the main thing that the Red Scare was
trying not to do, and that is a loss of rights in America. The Red Scare was mostly
unjustified, and was not really grounded in reality.

The biggest fear on people’s minds was a communism takeover. People thought that Russia
was going to cause an internal revolution within the US that would eventually end up
removing the democratic government and replacing it with a dictator and communist
government. This would probably never happen, so there was nothing to be afraid of.
America is, and has always been a more powerful country then Russia, so the thought of
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