The Right to Life Essay

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The Right to Life

The Right to Life

Should an unborn baby have the write to live? What if the baby is diagnosed with a
terminal illness? How about if the woman has an unplanned pregnancy? Many people ask these
same questions about the right to life or death.

My personal belief is that unborn babies have the right to live. Many women argue that
before the baby is fully developed it is not a living person. I think conception is the
beginning of a new life the baby should continue to live.

Women who choose not to want their babies have many options. One is adoption. I have an
aunt who was married fourteen years and never had a child. The doctors told her she
wouldn’t be able to have children. They tried surgery and several other options but
nothing worked. Then she was told that she could adopt a baby from an expecting teenage
mother. My aunt and uncle were so happy. She and my uncle paid for all of the mother’s
medical bills and were in the delivery room when the baby was born. Now the baby girl is
seven years old, her name is Kaitlin and my aunt and uncle couldn’t be happier.

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