The Scarlet Letter4 Paper

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The Scarlet Letter4

The Scaralet Letter, a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a perfect example of symbolism in
writing. Hawthorne displays this with many symbols, such as the prison, the letter A, and
the scaffold. Another main symbol is the forest. The forest, and the path running
through it, represent not only wilderness and unhappiness, but also freedom.

The path leading through the forest from the town goes from an inhabited, civilized
society to an unknown wilderness. On the path, Hester tries to step into the sunlight,
but it always seems to "run" away from her. However, Pearl doesn't have to try to get the
sunlight, it comes to her. This shows Hester's inability to find happiness and warmth.
This darkness from Hester is lifted when she encounters Arthur Dimmesdale on the path.

Hester has been waiting for Arthur so she can tell him the truth about Chillingwroth, who
is her husband. Hester and Arthur feel that the only way to get away from Chillingworth
is to flee from Boston. Once this decision is made, Hester frees herself from the image
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