The seventh tower Essay

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the seventh tower

Title: The Seventh tower "The Fall"
Author: Garth Nix
Type: Science Fiction
Publication date: 2000
Number of Pages: 195

Plot Summary
This book is a Science fiction book that is the fist of a series of books called The
Seventh Tower. It starts out with a boy by the name of Tal Graile-Rarem receiving word
that his dad was missing on a mission that he was doing for the queen. And that is when
every thing goes down hill. This is because his dad has the only good sunstone that will
allow Tal to pass into the world of Aerian. Aerian is the world where a boy goes to
receive his spirit shadow when he turns fourteen. Right now he as what is called a shadow
guard, the shadow guard is his actually shadow only it can independently take shape into
different things, what ever is needed to be to protect Tal when he gets into trouble. The
thing is he need to get a spirit shadow when he turn fourteen other wise he will lose a
shadow all together and not be a chosen and more. This will make him a commoner and he
will have to live at the cave at the bottom of the mountain.

So now Tal needs to go and find him a new sunstone powerful enough to be able to enter him
into the Aerian. There were only three ways to do this the first one was to ask for one
from his Aunts who had more than one of them and was in a higher order. But for some
unknown reason they had a grudge against Tal's father and would not give him one. The next
possible way to get a stone was to win one at the achievements. These were events that
took place where people could enter to win sunstones. After quickly looking over the
events Tal decided to try to win one in the achievement of agility. But some thing bad
happened when he went on the day of event his name was not on the schedule for when it was
his turn to race the opstickal course. When he went to the desk to ask what had happen he
found out that his name was signed up for a different achievement it was the achievement
of music. So now he had to participate in that when it was all done he ended up getting
second place and not winning.

Now there is only one way left for him to get a sunstone and that was to climb up one of
the towers and past though the black nothing ness to the top where sun stones can be
found. Everything was going well he had maid it to the top and then all of a sudden this
shadow guarding came out and began to attack him. As he did this it caused Tal to lose his
footing and he fell off. The next thing he knew he was fling around in the nothing ness.
His shadow guard had caught him and was slowly gliding through the nothing ness and on to
the ground. When they finally land Tal realizes that he is nowhere near the castle and he
had enter the cold wasteland out side of the castle. With the help of his shadow guard he
begins to walk back to the castle be pretty soon the coldness and exhaustion gets to him
and he gets knocked unconscious.

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