The Seventies

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the seventies

How the 1970ís Shaped American History
The Nineteen Seventies was a pop culture decade. From Hippies to Disco and Saturday Night Fever to The Brady Bunch, the Seventies were full of cultural changes that shaped society for years to come. Although pop culture was important, many political outcomes also occurred. The Watergate scandal, the official end of the Vietnam conflict, and the United States Bicentennial all happened during this decade. Oil and nuclear problems arose, and Abortion was legalized for the first time. The Nineteen Seventies are often tarnished by remembrances of them, but in actuality many advances did occur in this ten-year span.
When looking back at entertainment, fashion, and music history of the nineteen seventies these were probably the greatest and most influential events of this decade. Many movie stars such as Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, and John Travolta arose in this decade. Movies like Jaws, Saturday Night Fever, Rocky and Star Wars were on the movie screens and were a new type of uninhibited film that had never before been socially allowed before the seventies.
Musically, with the exception of Disco of course, the seventies will be highly revered. Lynrd Skynrd, Bob Marley, Simon and Garfunkel, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and countless other groups arose on the rock scene. We must however also acknowledge Disco and groups such as the Bee Geeís and KC and the Sunshine Band.

Clothing was completely free and bell bottoms, bikiniís and love beads were commonplace. There were no longer strict dress codes and the new free spirit of the seventies definitely demonstrated that.
T.V.ís went to color, V.C.R.ís were invented, DNA was just beginning to be unfolded, technology was beginning to blossom. Atari was invented, computers enhanced, and home appliances were rejuvenated.
The early seventies entailed such things as the Kent State University Massacre in 1970, which resulted in the deaths of four innocent students by National Guardsmen, and The Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 that helped to spawn the womenís movement that engrossed the entire decade. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 and launched a new environmental movement, and anti war protest were all around until the official U.S. pullout from the Vietnam conflict in 1973. Charles Manson planned the murders of dozens of people, and it was apparent that society was drastically changing.
The Richard Nixon Watergate scandal involving Democratic headquarter information that implicated the president in illegal cover-ups and activities with funds was probably the one thing that most people remember most about the 19

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