The Sky World Myth Essay

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The Sky World Myth

The Sky World Myth

The Sky World is an Indonesian Myth for explaining the beginning of the world and how humans came to be.

Once there were 3 brothers and 2 sisters in the sky world. One day the youngest brother
went fishing and lost his hook that was borrowed from the eldest brother. The brother was
angry and so the youngest brother searched for the hook in the water, he met a fish in the
water that said he would help. They found the lost hook together and returned it, the
youngest brother was mad that the eldest had been so bossy so he wanted to get back at
him. He hung a jug of palm wine above the eldest’s bed so when he woke up he would knock
into it. When this happened the youngest brother said he wanted to palm wine back, so the
eldest started to dig to try and pick up the wine that sunk into the ground. He dug a
hole into the world below.

The brothers wondered what was down the hole so they tied a rope to their dog and lowered
him down, when they pulled him back he had white sand on him. The brothers decided to go
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