The sound and the fury Essay

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the sound and the fury

About The Sound and the Fury
The Sound and the Fury, published in October of 1929, was Faulkner's fourth novel, and
clearly his first work of genius. Now considered to be one of the strongest American
contributions to the fiction of high modernism, it has generated countless critical

In writing the novel, Faulkner experienced a creative absorption and passion that he was
never to forget. He said of “The Sound and the Fury”, "It's the book I feel
tenderest towards. I couldn't leave it alone, and I never could tell it right, though I
tried hard and would like to try again, though I'd probably fail again."

The novel tells the story, from four different perspectives, of the disintegration of a
Southern family. The father is unfriendly and passive, and though he clearly loves his
children, he drinks himself to death. The invalid mother has no love for her children and
continuously demands that she herself be taken care of. Benjy, the mentally retarded son
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