The Storm Compare and Constrast Essay

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The Storm

The Ironic Storm

After reading "The Storm" by Kate Chopin, we see the irony not only in the title and the
setting but in the internal soul of Calixta.

As the storm approaches suddenly in the sky, it also approaches without warning for
Calixta. Unfortunately she was unable to lock up her heart as she did her house. Just like
the storm outside, M'sieur Alcee rumbles into her house as well as into her heart. And as
unpredictable the storm is, Alcee and Calixta are.

Ironically enough as the storm rolls and rages on, so does Calixta and Alcee. The feelings
that Calixta had hidden for so many years bolted through like a streak of lightning out of
a dark cloud in the storm. It was if they had never been apart. It was if they were two
lacking souls looking for fulfillment, looking to be drenched with love and companionship.
There passion grew and got stronger just like the storm; winds blowing, body's clashing,
rain pounding, as well as hearts beating.

Of course just like every storm must end, so must Alcee and Calixta. Although they've done
it once before it doesn't make it any easier. Calixta is torn between the love of her soul
and the love of her family. Does she move with this storm and never have to worry about
the drought of loneliness her heart feels without him or does she settle for the life she
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