The story of the crusade Essay

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the story of the crusade

The Story of the Crusades

The Story of the Crusades is a book that was written in 1963 by Alfred Duggan. The
book’s title tells you what the book is about, the Crusades. The book follows the
Western Christian’s perspective on the 200 year event, from 1095 to 1291. It starts
out setting up the plot (which most good books do), then sets up the plot, and keeps on
setting up the plot. The book is very slow at the beginning, then slowly starts to move
but not fast enough. If I were rating this book on how exciting it was, I would not
forget to count the number of times I almost fell asleep trying to read it. But the
Crusades have always interested me, so I couldn’t give up on the book,

The book covers all of the crusades, but it also covers all of the down time between the
crusades, which is not interesting to read. I am sure it is very important to know about,
but a book should be fun also, considering its written as a story, and not as the Bible.
There were interesting parts though. Especially During the 3rd crusade, I never learned
about the Muslim assassins who played a big part. Also I found it interesting to read more
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