The Sword in the Stone Paper

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The Sword in the Stone

At the end of The Sword in the Stone, it is true that Kay does receive the 'rough end' of
the deal because he, being the son of a noble and a knight, and the Wart, comparatively
nothing but a squire to Kay became the King of England when Kay thought himself more
qualified and better for the postition. However, throughout the Boy's childhood, Kay
maintained the dominant position in their relationship. I think that it is only fair that
in the end, justice is served and theWart gets to rule over Kay.

When the boys were young, Kay maintained a dominant position over the Wart, constantly
reminding and humiliating him by saying that he "was not a proper son" and "Kay seemed to
regard this as making him inferior in some way". Because Kay constantly reminded the Wart
that he "was not a proper son" and said that he was inferior, upsetting the Wart, he
learned to simply give in to Kay and always let him get his own way. After this constant
torment and opportunities only available to Kay, I think that it is only deserving that,
in the end, the Wart becomes more powerful and important than Kay, Sir Ector and the other
people who had always 'ruled' him.

I think that the Wart was a better person to Kay and although he may not have been
superior to Kay, he certainly had a better personality and was kinder than Kay. With
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