The Synthesis Essay

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The Synthesis

Like many theorems, ideas and beliefs, Dialectical Materialism was not the epiphany of a
single mind. Karl Marx was merely the genius who realized that the two concepts could be
conjoined to explain the cycle of past, present and remarkably even future economic
systems. Karl Marx was a very perceptive economist who concentrated on capitalism and its
opportunity costs. The "Father of Socialism" combined Hegel's, Smith's and Malthus'
previous hypothesis to form a new constant that's been established true, Dialectical

To fully comprehend the term Dialectic Materialism, one must analyze the phrase
independently. Dialectics were the Greek followers of a philosopher by the name of Hegel.
He established that there would always be a fluctuation between the forces of the
universe. More directly, this applies to the cycle of any economy and states that it would
continuously go through periods of recession and depression. Moreover, after a period of
ying and yang, next would follow a new stage, a synthesis of the thesis and antithesis.
Marx had a way to visually represent this with his world renowned Historical Dialectic
which compares societal evolution with economic progression and development over time.

The rest of the idiom is the conclusion put forth by Adam Smith and John Malthus. They
determined, "Economics is the foundation of society." Essentially, family structures,
political systems and religious institutions are all dependent on a country's economic
system. Social classes, relationships, cultural institutions and innovative ideas all
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