The Tale of Troy Essay

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The Tale of Troy

Book Report

The Tale of Troy was written by Padraic Colum, it has 132 pages, and takes place in the
ancient islands of Greece. The Tale of Troy is a fiction story.

Even though Athena and Poseidon helped the Greeks during the Trojan War, Athena turns
against the Greeks and convinces Poseidon to do the same. The Greeks are hit by storms on
the way home and many ships are destroyed and the fleet is scattered. The war and his
troubles at sea keep Odysseus away from Ithaka, for twenty years. While he was gone, his
son, Telemachus, has grown into a man, and his wife, Penelope, is overwhelmed by wooers
who think Odysseus is dead. While Poseidon is away from Olympus, Penelope convinces the
other gods to help Odysseus return home. In disguise in Ithaka, she convinces Telemachus
to look for his father. Telemachus goes to Pylos and finds out that Odysseus is being held
prisoner by Calypso. Zeus orders that Odysseus be allowed to go home so he leaves on a
raft. When he is almost home, Poseidon sees him and sends a storm that sinks his raft. Ino
helps Odysseus by giving him her veil which protects him from any harm in the water. After
two days of swimming, Odysseus reaches the Phaeacians and their kind king, Alcinoüs. The
king's daughter, Nausicaa, finds Odysseus and takes him to the king. Odysseus tells how he
and his crew first saw the Lotus-Eaters, then they docked in front of a cave to search for
food. There is wine, food, and pens full of sheep in the cave, but the cave's owner, the
giant Cyclops Polyphemus, comes back and seals the cave with a giant boulder. Odysseus
planned to escape by giving Polyphemus wine until he passed out. The men poke out the
monster's only eye. Polyphemus can't find the men and finally rolls the boulder that was
blocking the cave and puts his arms in front of it to catch the men as they try to run
outside. Odysseus thought Polyphemus might do this so they hang onto the undersides of the
sheep as they go out to pasture. When the men passed the entrance, Polyphemus felt only
the sheep's backs and the men escaped. Aeolus, the keeper of the Winds, gave Odysseus a
leather sack that holds all the storm winds as a gift. Odysseus can sail home safely as
long as he keeps the bag closed, but his crew opened the bag, that started a storm that
blew them to the land of the Laestrygons, cannibals who destroy every ship in the fleet
except one. At their next stop, several men went ahead and all of them but one was turned
into pigs by the sorceress Circe. Odysseus goes to Circe's house with an herb that Hermes
gave him. When Circe can't use her magic on him, she returned his crew to human form and
they lived in her house for a year. Then, she used her magic to tell them how to get home:
they must travel to Hades and speak to the dead prophet Teiresias. He says that Odysseus
will eventually get home. Circe has also given them one more piece of information—not to
listen to the Sirens, women who lure men to death with singing that makes them forget
everything. They finally arrive at the island of the Sun, where the starving men eat one
of the oxen while Odysseus is away. The Sun destroys their ship, drowning everyone but
Odysseus. He is carried to the island of Calypso, where he is held for many years.The
Phaeacians have pity on Odysseus and they get a ship ready to take him home. He falls
asleep on board and wakes up on a beach in Ithaka. Athena comes to him, tells him he is
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