The Tempest

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The Tempest

Examine the observations made by Roma Gill of the oxford university press While editing the dialogue Miranda in “The Tempest” at lines 351 to 361.Roma Gill feels that “The hatred and revulsion expressed in this speech shows an unexpected side to the hitherto placid and docile Miranda---and many editors of the eighteenth and nineteenth century re-assigned the words to prospero”.
First let us examine the meaning of the word placid. Refer Para 826 of Roget’s and the meaning is in excitable i.e. not to show irritation. It is very reasonable for our girls not to show irritation at their loving parents but would it be fair on your part to expect your sister or daughter not to show irritation while dealing with a man who had tried to rape her or outrage her modesty, regardless how broad minded you be?
Now let us examine the meaning of the word docile. Refer Para 602 and the meaning is willingness and at Para 539 the meaning is learning and at Para 370 the meaning is tamed. It is reasonable for one to willingly accept when a father demands something because generally fathers are not seen to rape their daughters but will it be reasonable to advise one to willingly accept when one attempts to rape her? There is a scope for the girls to learn from their fathers a few useful things but what useful things Roma Gill expects this girl to learn from the man who attempted to rape her? It is reasonable to stay ta

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