The Trip: Journey To The Center Of Terence Mckenna Essay

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The Trip: Journey To The Center Of Terence Mckennas Inner Self.

The Trip: Journey to The Center of Terence McKenna's Inner Self.

Terence McKenna has become one of the most (in)famous figures in the exploration
of psychedelia and its impact on society and technology. Here McKenna espouses
his theories on psychedelic mushrooms, virtual reality, shamanism and evolution.

This is definitely one of the strangest and most interesting articles I have
ever read. At first it seems almost totally incomprehensible and inconceivable,
but after reading it over a couple of times with a good dictionary and thesaurus
it begins to make sense. In this article McKenna explains one of his trips on
magic mushrooms. He describes this trip as "a virtual reality tour of God's
cerebral cortex, hosted by the Lucky Charms leprechaun". He then goes on to tell
how this trip affected his life and how it was such a complete shock that it
caused the literal turning inside-out of his intellectual universe. He was
knocked off his feet and set himself the goal of understanding this. His quest
led him all over the world, exploring traditions of magic-religious drug usage.

In the years since his fateful encounter with the self-transforming machine
elves of hyperspace, McKenna has fashioned his mental Merzbau on the New Age
lecture circuit, where he has earned the benediction of the psychedelic High
Priest himself, who dubbed him "the Timothy Leary of the 90's".
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